KSDesignz TOU - *New URL*

©KSDesignz TOU
All Artwork on this KSDesignz Blog and KSDesignz the other interacting blog pages are Copyright to ©KSDesignz.

Terms of Use are as follows:

What you CAN do:

You may use ©KSDesignz graphics on your non-profit website.

Use of  tube graphics are for your PERSONAL USE only and must contain the credit already supplied on the tube as follows:

©KSDesignz - https://blogspot.com

You may use ©KSDesignz graphics to create tags and siggies (signatures) with, by adding text, sparkles or blings to - ONLY!

 Cluster Frames, Word Art, Elements and Element Sheets may have "by KSDesignz" remove them with the exception of an Element being used alone, it MUST then have ©KSDesignz added to it.

If you wish to re-colour a tube please ASK!
I may be able to help there .... 

What you can NOT do:

 ©KSDesignz graphics are NOT for commercial use whatsoever.

DO NOT claim any ©KSDesignz graphics as your own.

File names MUST remain in tack.

You MUST NOT sell any ©KSDesignz graphics anywhere ...this includes:

NOT placing them onto a CD for sale including to E'Bay or the like nor are you upload them to any file sharing site on the internet.

©KSDesignz graphics are NOT to be added into any scrapkits nor used for creating alpha's with.

Please respect my TOU as I work hard creating my graphics.

Give CREDIT where credit is due ... DO NOT remove my copyright including the URL unless you place it back elsewhere on a tag creation.

Thank you and enjoy using ©KSDesignz graphics.

KSDesignz - 2018 - 2020 and BEYOND  - All rights reserved


MzTheresa said...

I have read and thanks so very much

KSDesignz said...

You are very welcome MzTheresa ... Enjoy xx

Anonymous said...

Will do Koosh. Glad I swung by today.
Huggers, Di

KSDesignz said...

Ty Di ... thought I may as well change it to my blog URL now. Everything under the one roof so to speak ... lol hugs KSD xx

JulesofColorado said...

Thank you. I have read your TOU. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful talent. Jules

KSDesignz said...

Thank you Juli for you kind words ... I appreciate anyone reading my TOU and note the changes to URL now.

hugs KSD xx

Teddie said...

I love your beautiful work! I use a lot of your clusters. Thanks for sharing your talent with all of us. Teddie

KSDesignz said...

Thank you very much Teddie ... You are very welcome and so pleased you have found a use for them.

hugs KSD

Gartenzauber 2008 said...

Vielen Dank Teddie fuer die zauberhaften Tuben. hugs Waltraud

☆AngelMC☆ said...

Vielen lieben dank für die Tollen Free Arbeiten.
Komme gerne wider.

Lg. AngelMC

KSDesignz said...

Bitte schön Waltraud ...KSD xx

KSDesignz said...

Bitte schön AngelMC ... hugs KSD xx

KSDesignz said...

Just a wee note ... I had to translate to English so hope I did okay saying "You are Welcome" Waltraud and AngelMC ... hugs KSD xx

☆AngelMC☆ said...

Yes OK