Message re: KSD On Aimoo

 Re: KSDesign Aimoo Group!

Hi folks ... I want to inform you that as of today I will only continue sharing FREE KSD goodies here @ my KSDesignz Blog on blogspot.com ... if you still wish to grab anything.

This decision has not been taken lightly at all, believe me!

My KSDesignz group situated at Aimoo is NOT on a SECURE website anymore ...  I do not want to take the risk of even trying to get in there - but will however, keep checking and if/when it becomes a fully secure website, may delete the Aimoo group altogether or just let it go *poof*


Recently I had my debit card details stolen, money taken out of my bank account, but paid back in full by the bank ... then  had to go through a major hassle of cancelling and renewing the card, giving new details to those few who need it, so hence the decision to do things via my blog from now on. Let's say ... I'm now very aware of insecure websites out on the web and extremely hesitant to say the least to visit any.

ALSO - Please note: 

I cannot get into any other Aimoo group I belong to for this exact same reason so my memberships there will go by the wayside if I'm unable to get back into them.

I'm really sorry, this is a sad day in a way for me, but I want to feel SAFE when I visit any website on the internet and not unsafe! 

It's not worth the RISK!


I will continue to push posts from KSDesignz @ blogspot to the KSDesignz facebook page which is where some members from Aimoo will hopefully see this message posted.

If you do happen see this message on fb and are a member of the KSDesignz Aimoo group, could you be as so kind to pass this message on to any known KSDesignz (aimoo) members.

I would really appreciate it thank you!

 I may see if I can connect a forum type page to my blog so members can keep in touch somehow!

Look at the tabs √°bove' on KSDesignz's  Main Page ... There is now a tab link to ... KSD Forum.

Have a great day!

hugs Kooshie - (aka KSD) xx