FTU Cluster - Valentine #1

Here I am, back again for 2018 and hopefully depending on how things go throughout this year, I'll try to continue to post more new FTU, clusters, tubes, word art, etc. for all my KSD fans to grab!

In saying that though ... I have a second total hip replacement in the pipeline possibly around mid year sometime, plus a repair of my first total hip replacement at some stage further down the track ... Yuck!
Because I took up sewing last year I've joined a group where I'm supposed to be sewing monthly blocks for a quilt which I have never attempted before in my life and havn't even started the first block for this month yet! It all looks so complicated lol!
PLUS ...
Another house move again around April/May is pending ...
Soooo ... With all these real life things happening during this year, I really don't see me being able to do as much as I've done over the past few years, unfortunately.
 I do love sharing with my fans FREELY, so will do my best to continue posting new things when possible!

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Here is my first cluster for 2018 ~ 'Valentine's Day #1' for fans to grab ... Do Enjoy xx
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JJDezignz aka Jennie said...

Wow Jude..... tell me more news..... PM text or whatever!!!

Is this going to be the new home of KSD?

Hugs Jeennie

KSDesignz said...

Hahaha Jennie ... My blog will always be home for KSD. I'll PM you at some stage.

Hope all's well?

hugs KSD xx