Closing of PSP Cottage - Yuku/Tap-a-Talk


Hello PSP Cottage members,

This is a very sad day to say the least and the end of yet another era with PSP Cottage, this time on Yuku.

I'm saddened for a number of reasons:

Yuku went ahead and migrated the group over to tap-a-talk when I asked to opt out of the migration. Not happy at all 😬

I've now seen the end result from the outside and do not like what I see one bit!
NOTE: - Tap-a-talk have a series of very strict legal agreements for owners of groups as well as participating members. 

After reading tap-a-talks agreements I personally DO NOT agree with them. They are American legal agreements and laws, ~ Please, for your own sakes everyone should READ them thoughly before agreeing to anything and registering for any old Yuku migrated group! 

ALSO: - Photobucket has ruined the group with their bull%^*#t holding my images to ransom now. I refuse to pay what they want!!!! 

*Thank goodness I have always created backups of all my images, creations and tags on my PC. 

SO: - In summing up, my decision has been made and it's with sadness for those few regular members of PSP Cottage on Yuku to inform you it will no longer EXIST in either Yuku or in tap-a-talk. I'm requesting the group is removed.

On a positive note though, I will however, continue posting at PSP Cottage on facebook, KSDesignz on facebook and KSDesignz here on blogspot.com if any past member wishes to stay in touch. 

Please pass this message on to any known PSP Cottage members so they are informed of this decision I've now made so they may continue to collect my FREE creations or friend request me so they may join PSP Cottage on facebook. NOTE: I will need to change settings on fb to carry this procedure out so please say who you are by using your Yuku nickname. 

Please take care everyone, I'll miss those members who cannot keep in touch via facebook and thank you all for your patronage after almost 10 years on Yuku. 

Hopefully I will see you around on the net some where.
hugs Kooshie aka KSD xx


Lauri said...

haven't checked Photobucket in a while...but Fotki did that to me and my tags....holding them ransom....I can't even get to my account because I refuse to pay for the site. :(

KSDesignz said...

It stinks when these once FREE image storage places do this. They should not be allowed to offer things for Free in the first place if that is what they are going to end up doing. They should be held accountable for it!

It all comes down to the almighty $$$'s and greed in the end.

hugs KSD xx