KSDesignz TOU - New URL 2017

©KSDesignz TOU
All Artwork on this KSDesignz Blog and KSDesignz the other interacting blog pages are Copyright to ©KSDesignz.

Terms of Use are as follows:

What you CAN do:

You may use ©KSDesignz graphics on your non-profit website.

Use of  tube graphics are for your PERSONAL USE only and must contain the credit already supplied on the tube as follows:

©KSDesignz - https://blogspot.com

You may use ©KSDesignz graphics to create tags and siggies (signatures) with, by adding text, sparkles or blings to - ONLY!

 Cluster Frames, Word Art, Elements and Element Sheets may have "by KSDesignz" removed them with the exception of an Element being used alone, it MUST then have ©KSDesignz added to it.

If you wish to re-colour a tube please ASK!
I may be able to help there .... 

What you can NOT do:

 ©KSDesignz graphics are NOT for commercial use whatsoever.

DO NOT claim any ©KSDesignz graphics as your own.

File names MUST remain intack.

You MUST NOT sell any ©KSDesignz graphics anywhere ...this includes:

NOT placing them onto a CD for sale including to E'Bay or the like nor are you upload them to any file sharing site on the internet.

©KSDesignz graphics are NOT to be added into any scrapkits nor used for creating alpha's with.

Please respect my TOU as I work hard creating my graphics.

Give CREDIT where credit is due ... DO NOT remove my copyright including the URL unless you place it back elsewhere on a tag creation.

Thank you and enjoy using ©KSDesignz graphics.

KSDesignz - 2017 and BEYOND  - All rights reserved


MzTheresa said...

I have read and thanks so very much

KSDesignz said...

You are very welcome MzTheresa ... Enjoy xx

Anonymous said...

Will do Koosh. Glad I swung by today.
Huggers, Di

KSDesignz said...

Ty Di ... thought I may as well change it to my blog URL now. Everything under the one roof so to speak ... lol hugs KSD xx

Juli Sheetz said...

Thank you. I have read your TOU. I appreciate you sharing your beautiful talent. Jules

KSDesignz said...

Thank you Juli for you kind words ... I appreciate anyone reading my TOU and note the changes to URL now.

hugs KSD xx